We’ve Got Change

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

Each winter, we take a few months off from Sage & Twine to rejuvenate, reorganize, and reflect on the past season.   Ahhhhh, time, free time. Can you see us running with open arms in a field of wildflowers?  Now add some sunshine. Oh yeah, baby, there it is!

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After almost 10 years in this business, our short break is never as restful and rejuvenating as we think it’s going to be.  In between commissioned pieces for our customers, inventory assessment and ordering, other work responsibilities, our families, and well, scraping the gunk out of the cracks of the stove,  we always take some time to rethink the structure of our business model and how it can work most efficiently and productively for both of us, not only as sister shops but also as individuals. We LOVE what we do and are thrilled that so many of you love it too, but it has become increasingly clear that we need to find more balance with our work and the people and passions we hold sacred (shocking, right?!).  Listen, if anyone thinks that lugging furniture around or asking our husbands to help is fun or easy, we’ve got a big ole armoire that needs to be moved!

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Each year during our break, we share countless phone calls, a trip somewhere tropical (yes, face-to-face in the sun is a must!), and–who are we kidding–wine, lotsa wine! But this year, in between bouncing around decorating ideas, sharing our most recent finds, and drooling over Pinterest pics, we realized that in order to continue to grow, we’re gonna have to make some changes.

So, having said all that, we are very excited to share with y’all the changes that are a-comin’!

Are you sitting down???  Here goes…..


Sage & Twine NEW HAMPSHIRE is relocating!……yes, you heard that right!  We’re moving five minutes away to Main St. in downtown Contoocook!  We’re ecstatic to join the growing group of unique and fabulous shops that make this town so special and a popular shopping destination to boot!

In addition to our location, we’ll be changing a few other things as well.  Instead of being open one weekend a month, Sage & Twine will be open 6 days a week!!!  We’ll continue to offer a variety of monthly painting workshops, teaching the “tricks of the trade” when painting furniture. However, a new and exciting addition to the services we already provide will be an open studio work space for customers to come whenever we’re open and work independently on their own pieces.  We provide the space and materials; you provide the creativity!

Our GRAND OPENING will be mid-May, so stay tuned!

Sage & Twine NORTH CAROLINA is also making some big changes! In the past, we’ve curtained off sections of the barn where we keep unfinished pieces. Of course, we always have customers who want to know what’s “hiding over there,” so at the end of last year,  we had this “aha” moment; we decided to open up the entire barn and offer both our finished and unfinished pieces. What have we been thinking all of these years?!!! It was so fun, and everyone loved it! Therefore, we’ve decided to continue with this new model and have 4 big ole barn sales with even more inventory (finished and unfinished) than ever before! 

Becky and Al_198

In order to do this up right, we’ll need more time in between sales.  Come on, this means more traveling and shopping! More importantly, it also means that there will be some breathing space between sales to write, garden, and do other things that are restorative to mind and body.

In alignment with this change, we’ve decided that the barn will be the only location where we’ll have our items available. Thus, we’re no longer selling at Wisteria in Dunn. Although we’ve enjoyed being there, having everything under one roof feels right.

Having more time in between sales also means we will be able to offer painting workshops in the barn! Those dates have not been finalized yet, so again, stay tuned!  We’ll let you know as soon as we do! Here are the dates for this year’s barn sales: 

April 22, 23, 24
June 24, 25, 26
September 16, 17, 18
and November 4, 5, 6


Both of us are SUPER-excited about this upcoming year (maybe even more excited than we were when we slurped our way through Serendipity in NYC!) and SUPER-excited about our renewed energy to continue bringing our customers cottage and farmhouse-styled painted furniture and new and vintage home goods. So, here’s to balance, change, and painted furniture that makes you fall in love all over again.

See you soon!

Amy & Becky


2 thoughts on “We’ve Got Change

  1. Reni

    yay! that’s soooo exciting…and well deserved! can’t wait to see what other awesome stuff is in store for you two! – RENI (and the B&T team).

  2. Lorraine McGuire

    Hey girls….love your new website!!!!1 Hey Becky you have been such an inspiration to get “moving”….can’t wait until classes start up!!! Lorraine(NC)


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