Science, Spring, and Buttercups

Spring on the farm is one of my favorite times of the year. The daffodils poke up through the soil, those purple flowers in the garden bloom (does anyone know what those are???), the bees get busy, and after months of dormancy, everything is fresh and green and new! Aside from the crazy pollen, what’s not to love?

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Seriously, this is one of my dogs on spring sunshine.



With all that sunshine and renewed energy, it always seems like the time to roll up my sleeves and do some serious spring cleaning. Now, if you’re anything like me, you have that one place in your house, perhaps it’s a drawer (lucky you!), perhaps it’s a closet, or perhaps it’s an entire room that was supposed to be an office or guestroom that seemingly overnight  morphed into this Neverland of stuff that either you can’t quite force yourself to get rid of or that you haven’t found a home for yet.

Well, imagine that space is a barn.

A big barn.


If you look on my business card, my title is Creative Hoarder. And it’s a joke (sort of) but the truth is, it is the nature of this business that we are always surrounded by inventory. I don’t have one bed; I have ten! I’ve already admitted in an earlier post that I may have a serious obsession with chairs (although I have culled that collection dramatically). So, every spring, before the first Barn Sale (and this year’s is right around the corner!!! April 22-24!!!) there is a lot of cleaning and sorting to do.

Yup, I’m up to my elbows and eyeballs; I’m sorting and cleaning; I’m painting and sanding; I’m asking where did that even come from, and how am I ever going to get it all done?!!! And honestly, sometimes I look around and wonder why I do it.

But I know why. I do, and it has something to do with science and spring. Really. Let me explain. Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that looking at buttercups can make you happy?

Let’s look at some.


Wait, you wanted actual buttercups?



In my world, furniture equates to buttercups (and I know I’m not alone in this!). I think we can all agree that looking at “buttercups” makes us happy. There’s the science part. Now, the thing about spring is that it reminds me not only of the beauty in things but also in the hope and potential they have.

Sure, every spring it’s a huge job to clean everything out in the barn and get it ready, but at the same time, I’m reminded of how incredible it is to give new life to a piece, to save it from from a landfill, and to reset the expiration date. It’s no coincidence that this year’s first Barn Sale is on Earth Day!

Perhaps I could come up with a magical, happy, sci-ency formula for all this, but I don’t have time! Right now, I’m rolling up my sleeves and headed out to the barn; I’ve got buttercups to pick!  ~Becky

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