Our Vintage Barn Wedding

Many of you know that the Mister and I live on a little horse farm (I should add dogs as well because we have two that run the place, and we’re always picking up a stray and re-homing it. In fact, while writing this, an adorable little pooch in desperate need of food and love, has, in fact, shown up.). We’ve been here since 2008, and every spring there is so much to do.  But last year there was even more than normal. On May 23rd, after years of being together, the Mister and I got hitched.

Trust me, we seriously considered quietly slipping away to the courthouse, but after thinking how crazy fun it would be to get our family and friends together, we decided to get married on our land and have a big ole barn party.

Here’s an interesting fact you should know about having a hitching ceremony; it doesn’t just happen! Shocking, right?! And here’s another interesting fact; I’m not the greatest planner. Case in point, two weeks before the big day, I still didn’t know where I was going to get tables and chairs for 150 people! What can I say? I like living on the edge. But somehow I knew everything would come together. Now, I’m not gonna lie. There were hundreds of several times we questioned our decision. Why was it we didn’t go to the courthouse?!! But we know some awesome, awesome people, superstars really, who were IN from the get go. This truly was a family and friend co-opted vintage barn wedding.

So, on this March morning, when the north is bracing for a crazy snowstorm, and down here in North Carolina, our warm weather is being threatened by upcoming frosts, now is as good a time as ever to share pics from our vintage barn wedding.


Becky and Al_183


Let’s talk for a second about weather in regards to outdoor events. Did you know you should have a back-up plan just in case? When my photographer friend, Maria (by the way, all photo credits go to Brunson Creative), emailed me and asked what ours was, I’m pretty sure my response was, “It’s not going to rain.” Probably not the best plan in the history of outdoor weddings. We lucked out. The entire week before the big day was scorching hot, but Thursday night a huge storm blew out the heat and blew in one of the nicest weekends North Carolina has seen in a long time. Does it get any better than that? Funny you should ask.

Becky and Al_180


You just gotta love family!

The second my family arrived from Maine, they all went straight to work! My brothers and brother-in-law immediately started hanging a gazillion white lights (yes, that is a real number!). My sister and sis-in-law, along with my nieces and nephews set up the ceremony site on the front lawn in the shadiest area we could find.

 I love, love, love the circle of chairs.

Becky and Al_179

My neighbor, Maggie, decorated the vintage arbor for us.

Becky and Al_184

Becky and Al_191


We have two barns. I sell furniture in one, and we store hay in the other. The hay barn was a perfect place to have the reception, and across the yard, under the porch of the furniture barn, was the perfect place to set up a “watering hole.”

Becky and Al_187      Becky and Al_190

Becky and Al_192


One of my favorite things is a table that I’d painted and had everyone sign, instead of a guestbook, at the entry of the hay barn.

Becky and Al_13

Becky and Al_235

We, and by we, I mean all those superstars I mentioned earlier, covered the tables (yes, I did eventually find tables and chairs!) with white and pink linens then topped them with vintage tablecloths and runners. And here’s a funny story about that. A couple weeks before the wedding, during my opening barn sale (yes, I had a barn sale before the wedding! No, I’ve no idea what I was thinking!), three of my favorite customers stopped by (mother, daughter, granddaughter). Turns out, newly-married Rachel, the granddaughter, had had a vintage barn wedding. No way! Get outta here! Long story short, they let us go through all their stuff and use whatever we wanted. Seriously.  We’re talking vintage tablecloths, vases, huge candelabras, benches. I mean, it was the mother load  (Rachel, we should totally go into the vintage wedding business! :-o). Not only that, the grandmother, Faye, did my hair for me the morning of the wedding!

My neighbor, Kim, and her daughter, Jordan, did the flowers. I gathered up every vase, candle holder, and vintage dish I could find, and they filled them. Man, did they fill them!!!

Becky and Al_2

Becky and Al_5

Becky and Al_3

Becky and Al_4

We hung birdcages around the barn too…because, why not?!!

Becky and Al_196

Becky and Al_197

And everyone knows there’s no dance party that is complete without a disco ball! So I took one of the three that I have hanging in my dining room (yes, I have three disco balls hanging in my dining room). And those are the candelabras we borrowed. Needless to say, I had a hard time giving those back!

See the two strings of lights running the length of the ceiling? My cousin, Max, who was a commercial electrician, hung those for us. He took a day off from work (unheard of for him), and not only hung those lights but also did all our electrical work for the gazillion white lights my family strung and for the band equipment. Max arrived early the day before the wedding and worked well into the night, making sure everything was perfect. And here’s the thing, we’ll never take down those lights. Max died on December 31st, and now, every time we turn them on, we’re reminded of him and the light that he was in the world.  Becky and Al_188

Let’s talk about food! Our friends, Cindy (who also happened to make my dress!!!) and Jim, oversaw the food prep and setup of the taco and dessert bar we had opted for. Our friend, Deb, who also officiated our wedding, made huge amounts of beans and rice. Our friends, Ed and Katharine spent hours making homemade tamales along with a ton of other food. Oh my word, those tamales and everything else was amazing!!!

 I’m telling you, we have superstar friends!

Becky and Al_239 Becky and Al_236

The desserts were awesome (so good, in fact, that they were gone before we got a picture of them!). My sister made Maine whoopie pies, Cindy made carrot cake cupcakes (and look at that cake sign! Cindy made that too!). There was a plethora of yumminess.

Becky and Al_185

There were several informal seating areas for people to relax in the shade.

Becky and Al_12

There were cold drinks

Becky and Al_11

and boots.

Becky and Al_8

Becky and Al_17

There was a great band

Becky and Al_268

 and dancing. There was a lot of dancing!

Becky and Al_123

Becky and Al_122

Becky and Al_163

But mostly, there was love, so much love.

So, we did it! We had this beautiful, love-co-opted wedding.

Becky and Al_42            Becky and Al_77

Becky and Al_37

And we wondered why we’d waited so long.


Becky and Al_247

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  1. Donna Wren

    Thank you! So happy finally got to see the pictures! Loved everything about this wedding, especially the way you could tell everyone was having such a great time! See you soon!


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