Finding Balance

I’ve been thinking a lot about “balance” lately. Well, actually finding balance, and my quest over the years to do so. It has become more and more clear to me as the years progress, that my husband and I have a limited time with our children. They are growing and maturing at what seems like…READ MORE

New York State of Mind

I’m a country girl. I love the simplicity of a slowed-down kind of life, but I also love the energy of a big city. So, earlier this summer, when Amy suggested we should meet in New York City for NY Now, the ginormous wholesale gifts and home decor market, I was in! This past Friday I…READ MORE

Two in One: Barn Sale and Urban Vintage!

Know what’s better than preparing for one big, crazy, painted, vintage, cottage, farm, upcycled furniture sale in a weekend? If you’re answer was preparing for TWO, well, ding, ding, ding!!! You win the grand prize!!! Yes, I’ve completely lost my mind and decided it would be a great idea to do two sales in one…READ MORE

A Love Affair with Paint….

I’ve always had a love affair with paint. It started when I was young, painting with watercolor. Watching the colors work together and blend into each other as they took the form of my attention, was and still is exciting. When I was a teen, I picked up a larger brush. This time, it dipped into a…READ MORE

Can of Worms

Has that ever happened to you?  You start a project and all of a sudden, it has turned into something bigger than your wildest imagination?! My husband and I promised our oldest a “window seat” bed say, two Christmases ago.  To prevent us from feeling like loser parents, and while the glory days of summer…READ MORE

Three Sales a Wedding and a Honeymoon

You know in the middle of winter when things are quiet and you’re not exactly bored but not exactly losing-your-mind busy? Well, let me give you some advice: Don’t plan three sales, a wedding, and a honeymoon all within six weeks! Trust me! That would be a really crazy idea. I know because that’s exactly…READ MORE

North and South Unite!

  Think of your best friend. What do you do when you’re together? Apart? We’re best friends. We’re the kind of best friends who will drive almost a thousand miles and show up in the middle of the night as a surprise (yeah, that recently happened!). We’re the kind of friends who have so much…READ MORE

White of Mebane Redo

Friends of mine recently picked up this beauty for me…I know, nice friends, huh! This piece was designed by White of Mebane in North Carolina, which is according to the booklet I found in one of drawers, “The South’s Oldest Makers of Fine Furniture.” Yup, solid as they come and the pulls are gorgeous!. Fortunately, I…READ MORE

Why I Don’t Blog As Often As I Should

I used to have this notepad for daily “to dos” that was divided into four sections. The idea was to prioritize tasks by putting them in the different sections. For instance, picking up chocolate ice cream for dessert would certainly be a #1, whereas weeding the side flower bed that is a hot mess would probably be a #3 or #4.  Well,…READ MORE

A Painted Valentine

I’m one of those strange creatures who does not get overly excited about chocolates and flowers (my man thought he’d hit the Valentine’s jackpot when I told him this). Now don’t get me wrong. I like chocolate cake with yummy cream cheese frosting, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and a garden of flowers filled with peonies, delphiniums, foxgloves, and…READ MORE