Top 10 Yard Sale Buying Tips

I always know spring is here when I start seeing yard sale signs popping up all over the place. Yes, it’s officially yard sale season, and to celebrate, Anna and I jumped in Gypsy Girl first thing Saturday morning and hit the road. This was the first time out this year (yes, late for me!),…READ MORE

All Tied Up – A Welcomed Distraction!

Hello!  If you’ve been following us, you know we’re experiencing some exciting new changes this coming spring:  I’m moving the Sage & Twine cottage shop to the village of Contoocook, NH and will be open FULL TIME!  Becky is currently revving up for four phenomenal BARN SALES in Lillington, NC that include more pickins to…READ MORE

Science, Spring, and Buttercups

Spring on the farm is one of my favorite times of the year. The daffodils poke up through the soil, those purple flowers in the garden bloom (does anyone know what those are???), the bees get busy, and after months of dormancy, everything is fresh and green and new! Aside from the crazy pollen, what’s…READ MORE


If you’ve been following our blog, you recently learned that we’re making some VERY exciting changes at both locations. To recap: Sage & Twine NC will now be having FOUR FANTASTIC BARN SALES! Becky’s first show is coming up soon – April 22, 23 & 24. WHOA! That’s only a few weeks away! If y’all…READ MORE

Our Vintage Barn Wedding

Many of you know that the Mister and I live on a little horse farm (I should add dogs as well because we have two that run the place, and we’re always picking up a stray and re-homing it. In fact, while writing this, an adorable little pooch in desperate need of food and love,…READ MORE

We’ve Got Change

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Each winter, we take a few months off from Sage & Twine to rejuvenate, reorganize, and reflect on the past season.   Ahhhhh, time, free time. Can you see us running with open arms in a field of wildflowers?  Now add some sunshine….READ MORE

Paint Blisters and Foam Roller Dances

You know that old saying “When it rains, it pours?”  Well, let me share with you what happened recently during a 17-day stretch of rain. Yes, this fall it rained 17 days straight here in North Carolina! I had a customer, Stephanie,  who wanted me to paint her dining tabletop. She wanted it black and…READ MORE

Aging Raw Wood – Stain Need Not Apply!

Ever hear about aging raw wood with a vinegar/steel wool solution? Recently here at the Sage & Twine workshop in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, I decided to give it a try with some raw pine boards I’m using for signs. To make the solution, I poured 2 cups of vinegar into a recycled, glass pickle jar…READ MORE

Tips of the Trade…..

Earlier last month, our third muskateer (did you know we had one?!), Cindy, and I had a blast together at the Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, MA. It’s a 6 day, sun-up to sun-down flea market/antique extravaganza. It’s held three times a year (May, July, & September), and people from all over the country travel…READ MORE

Nitty Gritty, Touchy Feely

 One question I hear all the time is, “How do you get such a smooth finish on your furniture?” How something feels is, for me, just as important as how it looks. It’s probably why I could never buy a sofa on-line. And it’s also why my pieces are never finished unless every part of…READ MORE