About Us

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I’m Amy, owner of Sage & Twine in New Hampshire, a full-time shop with painted furniture, new & vintage home goods, gifts, jewelry, and more!  I live with with my husband (fondly named “MacGyver”), our two fantabulous kids, and a flock of furry & feathered creatures. I’m a wanna be Food Network Star, recovering cream & sugar coffee-holic and a proudly professed tree hugger.  When I’m not in the shop or with the fam, you can usually find me with a paintbrush in my hand or on the road in search of  my next project!

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Hi, I’m Becky. I live in a small town in central North Carolina with “The Mister” on a 52 acre farm with 3 dogs (not counting the strays that meander in),  one cat, and four horses. For the last 4 years, I’ve owned Sage & Twine in North Carolina and have enjoyed painting furniture for y’all with barn sales, various markets, and custom work.  I’ve decided to put down my paintbrush for a while and have picked up a pen. I’m still creating, however, so if you’re interested in custom work
please contact me.

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We’re best friends who originally founded and co-owned Sage & Twine back in 2007.  Our businesses have grown and changed over the years but no matter what life brings,  we continue to share an amazing friendship, and a crazy love of painted furniture and vintage finds!