Sage and Twine_27(1)

Hi, I’m Amy.  I live in New Hampshire with with my husband
(fondly named “MacGyver”), our two fantabulous kids, and
a flock of furry & feathered creatures. I’m a wanna-be
Food Network Star, recovering cream & sugar coffee-holic
and a proudly professed tree hugger.  When I’m not in the
shop or with the fam, I’ve got a paintbrush in my hand or
I’m behind the wheel looking for my next project!

Sage and Twine_13

Hi, I’m Becky. I live in a small town in central North Carolina
with “The Mister” on a 52 acre farm with 3 dogs (not counting
the strays that meander in), one cat, and four horses. I’m a writer
and gardener, but can usually be found in the barn sanding,
painting, and making a big mess. There’s no road trip I won’t
go on and no yard or estate sale I won’t stop at. And if a great
bbq joint is in sight? Watch out, I’m pulling in!

Sage and Twine 12_A_BW

We’re best friends who share a crazy love of painted furniture
and vintage finds. We’ve been known to paint anything that
stood still long enough. Yes, we live in different states, but that
doesn’t keep us apart for long. When we’re not planning our
next get together, we’re having fun sharing ideas, and working
collaboratively on all things that are Sage & Twine.